Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Ty (3 months ago)

 I can't believe this sweet little guy is 3 years old. That is just too old! He can now go to preschool, play on soccer leagues and he even has his own opinion. I love that he is growing and learning, I just hate how quickly its going by. 
 To celebrate his special day we had family over the night before. Homemade pizza and balloons on every chair were his two requests. Oh and lots of presents, cars to be specific. :)

The kids had a lot of fun trying to get the pinyata down, we all took turns (even adults)

Balloons on every chair, as requested.

For his actual birthday we got grandma to watch Sadie and took the boys on a train ride. They loved it. We could've just chilled on it all day and Ty would've been so happy.

He could not stop looking out the window. It was so sweet to hear him name everything he saw and to be so happy. We got some lunch and went to Thanksgiving Point to see the animals, eat and play.

I know I say this a lot but Ty is the sweetest little boy. He really cares about others and is so aware of what goes on around him. I love that he came first because I know he is going to watch out for his younger siblings. He makes me laugh every day with the funny things he says: "Mom its not easy" or "Mom its not fair" "I love our house" "I love you mommy" (atleast 20 times a day!) and "We are the Wilson Family"  There are so many other phrases and things he says but those are some of my favorite. I know I am posting this a few months late but I just have to say that about a month after his birthday he finally became potty trained, all day and all night! It has made a huge difference only having two in diapers now, I love it!

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